Dionna’s Verse

Off this liquor is how i met you
a few shots in my system
i couldnt stand it , i was falling for you
At the night of the party
you was standin on one side of the street
i was high looking down from other
i was a plane , but i had another
i was willing to land , come down
fly you to my other world
we coulda made a couple , call it planet us
see i wanted you to be my homie
but you already got a man
you textin’ her , and she callin me her hubby
so i don’t gotta fuss
we don’t need the drama . ima blow this weed
while she whisper in my ear and tell me
how much she want me
now you parents gone , and your home alone
you just took new pictures , send them to my cell phone
you gettin’ all my attention , my eyes low , but my vision widescreen
spend the night at my crib
baby , we makin movies , im make you scream
i know thats what you wanted
cause i looke like i can give i to you right sooo
when the nights done , you can sleep in my cloths
i see uour sister texted you
don’t reply , she aint gotta know


~ by TruaveliHq on June 20, 2011.

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