Truaveli’s Chapter

Life is just a story
and death is the happy ending
it may be a pain , but it leaves you painless
we all in the same book , but live in different chapters
everybody want that chance , to live happily ever after
and everybody just sad , miserable just the caption
can you picture all the sorrow ?
your mind to shallow , i can see what you thinkin
look into my eyes , could you tell i was cryin
tears to obscure , you won’t understand the vision in my eyes
when it comes to fact , everybody gets blind

Truaveli – ” Truaveli’s Chapter , well it’s a short song about life you know how people sob and look out there window and watch the rain it’s one of them so people can just listen and undertsand like omg he really just said that sh*t.”


~ by TruaveliHq on June 20, 2011.

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